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To achieve the mission and vision the Syrian Family Planning strategic framework have the number of 4 outcomes each one includes 2 priority objectives as following:

Outcome (1)  The government respects, protects and activates sexual and reproductive rights and equal gender opportunities.

Priority objective 1: Gaining support of decision-makers, opinion leaders and parliamentarian’s obligation to carry out the necessary amendments in legislation, policies and practices.

Priority objective 2 : Empowerment of youth and women's leaders and their engagement as advocates for change

Outcome (2)   2,300,000 people have free choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health and rights and protected from gender based violence.

Priority objective 3:  Enable young people to access comprehensive sexual education

Priority objective 4: Raising community awareness through engagement of champions, opinion formers and the media to promote health, choice and rights

Outcome (3)    24.5 million quality integrated sexual and reproductive health services delivered, particularly in humanitarian cases.

Priority objective 5:  Deliver integrated package of sexual and reproductive health services, especially in humanitarian cases.

Priority objective 6: Enable sexual and reproductive health services among partners, particularly in humanitarian cases.

Outcome (4)   A high performing, united, committed and accountable association.

Priority objective 7:  Enhance operational effectiveness and double income at the national level.

Priority objective 8:  Enhance our volunteer and activist supporter base.