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The deputy regional director of UNFPA at Halbouni clinic

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The deputy regional director of UNFPA at Halbouni clinic

From the visit of the Deputy Regional Director of UNFPA, Mr. Karen Daduryan, to the Halbouni clinic in Damascus.

There were greeted by Dr. Mohammad Dirani, head of the SFPA , Dr.Lama Mouakea the Executive Director and Ms. Rana Ayesh, the coordinator of UNFPA with the partners.

He was accompanied by Mr. Massimo Diana, the Representative of UNFPA in Syria, his Deputy Marta Perez del pulgar, Mr. Omar Belan, Assistant Representative and Dr. Hala Alkhair, Reproductive Health Program Officer at UNFPA.

The goal of the visit was focused on the reproductive health services that provided in the clinic, other clinics of SFPA that supported by the Fund, the total services and facilities that provided by the association to the beneficiaries, and the problems and obstacles facing the work of the association.

During the visit, the Fund team toured at the clinic to see the reality of the services provided.