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SFPA: An association shall be established in Damascus under the name of “The Family Planning Association” that deals with society's activities throughout the Syrian Arab Republic.

It has a non-profit body corporate with a full membership in the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).


1- Maintain the Syrian family and to provide it with health, psychological and social care.

2- Provide advice and guidance regarding the amendment and the establishment of plans and rules to improve the situations of the family.

3- Provide precautionary services in the fields of reproductive and sexual health, family planning and to improve and expand the existing services.

4- Raise awareness and deepen understanding about the concept of family planning as one of the human rights and a factor of the factors of maintaining the health of both mother and child, and to achieve reproductive and sexual health.

5- Promote studies and scientific researches related to reproductive health, family planning and defining the results of the same in addition to raising the awareness and training of the personnel in their respective fields.

6- Promote the voluntary acts and deepen its concept among all the society classes to mobilize participation in encountering the contemporary problems.

7- Complete establishing the branches of the association in all governorates.

8- Cooperate with governmental, non-governmental and civil society organizations at the national, regional and international levels to achieve these goals, that in conformity with the Associations Act in force in the Syrian Arab Republic.

9- Contribute in national, regional and international activities related to association’s objectives, including family planning and population issues. 

10- Effectively contribute in providing services related to reproductive and sexual health as well as family planning, such as the protection and treatment of the patients affected by sexually transmitted infections and to avoid the spread of HIV/ AIDS.

11- Participate with the concerned bodies in raising the awareness of unsafe abortion with a view to eliminate it.

12- Participating in programs to empower women with all the means that lead to a closer and more comprehensive knowledge with regard to sexual and reproductive health.

SFPA takes into account Non-interference in religious beliefs and political issues and discrimination on the basis of race, creed, ethnic origin, political views, gender, disability, age or any form of discrimination whether upon the certification of the applications for membership or while providing the services or recruiting the employees.

SFPA not-for-profit. It is provide services for a purely humanitarian goal of non-profit or commercial interests and that all income and property of the Association and its assets are designated to support and promote its objectives.

SFPA offers services of reproductive and sexual health, including information of family planning means for all, on the basis of voluntary acceptance, aware choice and prior knowledge, and free of any pressure over the beneficiary.